Bardzo ciekawa wypowiedź od…

Bardzo ciekawa wypowiedź od…

Bardzo ciekawa wypowiedź od bardzo ciekawej osoby z bardzo ciekawymi praktycznymi wnioskami.

„I semi-frequently see people ask how bulls or gorillas can be so jacked while eating few (or no) protein-rich foods.

For bulls, they get their protein from the bacteria in one of their stomachs that ferment cellulose. They swallow grass, and the bacteria get to work on it and multiply, producing amino acids from the grass in the process. The bulls regurgitate the grass, bacteria, and amino acids, swallow the mixture into the stomach that connects to their digestive system, and digest some of the bacteria in the process – most of their protein comes either from the amino acids the bacteria make, or from directly digesting the bacteria that break down the cellulose.

For gorillas, it’s primarily a matter of volume. They eat ~18kg (~40lbs) of food per day, so they can eat mostly protein-poor food and still wind up consuming a ton of protein. For example, if their diet consisted solely of fruit (which is incredibly protein-poor), they’d still be eating around 200g of protein per day. Add in some leaves, bugs, and some meat (all of which are more protein-rich than fruit) and a gorilla can easily consume more than 400g of protein per day.

And, of course, bull/gorilla physiology ≠ human physiology.

In other words, if you’re not a ruminant, and you’re not eating 40lbs of food per day, you probably shouldn’t look to gorillas or bulls for dietary inspiration to get jacked.”

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